It is Important to Have Quality Water Testing Done, Colorado

If you live in Colorado Springs or the surrounding areas, do you know where your municipal water comes from? Have you tested your well lately?  Did you know that most home well test kits only test for one particular chemical, mineral, element, or other contaminant? The water contaminant list available to have tested for by the State of Colorado is two pages long in small type.  Are you good at guessing which one might be affecting the health of your family? If you have naturally occurring arsenic in your soil, self-treating your well with hyper-chlorinating shock can create a deadly combination. Water testing needs to be done in Colorado for the health of those who live in your home. It is also one of the key things home shoppers look for when checking out a home in our area.  A certified lab report from a respected, established water inspection company is a big plus to an easier property sale, and safe drinking water for your family, pets, livestock, and the garden you from which you eat. 

When you need to see what is in your water, you do not want to have to wait for weeks to get answers, or play Russian roulette with the health of your loved ones guessing. Testing for nitrates and nitrites, radon and radioactivity, and other groundwater contaminants is a very real need in Colorado Springs. Most of the water used in our area is brought in from Rocky Mountain water sources – lakes, rivers, underground supplies – that are subject to run-off and contamination through spilling, dumping, or natural exposure to the vast quantity of minerals, heavy metals, and other elements that are in our local soils and man made mess. Copper and iron/steel pipes deteriorate through years of use in a home. Industrial and commercial waste, microorganisms, volatile organic compounds, fertilizers, and excessive fluoride and chlorine all affect our water.  You need to get your water tested by a reliable, knowledgeable company, regularly.

Colorado Water Testing Needs Accurate, Professional Results

Many people in the Colorado Springs region think they are completely safe using the water out of their tap without a lot of thought about where the water comes from, or the lines it passes through. While it is especially important to have private well water tested, you should have your water tested periodically even if you are on a municipal well or government operated water system. You might be wondering why, since “they” are supposed to be handling all that testing and making sure the water your kids are drinking is safe, right? The “why” is that there are things missed during testing of commercial water utility systems. In particular, pharmaceutical drugs, volatile organic compounds, petrochemical and mining waste and runoff, and other compounds don’t always show up in tests done by municipal systems, because many of them simply do not get tested.  Other municipal challenges include microorganisms such as E. coli, Giardia, various amoebae and other bacteria and fungi that can be a hazard to health especially in children, the elderly, or someone with a compromised immune system.  Those same challenges can happen in a well where septic tanks or storage tanks have leaked, or run-off during thaw can carry animal waste to the area that percolates near your ground water source. 

A lot of people try and rely on the tests performed by the State. Many of the most serious substances you need answers to for the health of your family, livestock, and pets take 28 days or more to receive back.  When you, your family, or your animals are having digestive issues or other health concerns that may be pointing to your water, you need answers sooner than a month. Home tests rarely test more than one item, and taking the water to the state lab requires knowing what to ask to be tested for, or you get back minimal basics. With the challenges created by residual pharmaceuticals in water supplies, and the mining, coal, and drilling industries in Colorado, you can never be too safe or too sure about the quality of your water.  Making sure your water is safe is up to you, and it needs to be checked with regularity. This is particularly important if you have a private well, as radon and other naturally occurring substances do show up in well water in our state. If your water leaves scum in the sinks, has any hint of color, cloudiness, a musty, rotten egg, or fishy smell, tastes like detergent, metallic, acidic, or salty, or of excessive chlorine, you need to get your water tested by a professional water inspection company like Axios Home Inspection. 

We Do Professional, Reasonably Priced, Fast Water Testing Colorado Springs

Axios Home Inspections does professional water testing and analysis. We provide this service so you know when you need to find out if your water is safe, not to try and sell you an expensive water treatment system you may well not need. Our job is to help you with your water by providing reasonably priced testing services covering a wide range of contaminants so you know if and what you need to take care of to make your water healthier. Water containing iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and other metals will cause stains to your fixtures, as well as stucco and other home exterior finishes.  Our technicians are highly trained and very experienced with the proper collection and handling methods for your water samples. You will get full reports when the tests are complete. 

We suggest if you are on a well that you get tested at least one to two times a year for bacteria and nitrates, as well as ground minerals.  This is especially important if you live in ranch or horse territory, near grain and produce farms, or other agricultural ventures. Did Uncle Joe used to have a speed shop in the garage? It is highly likely that gas, oil, antifreeze, brake fluid and other toxic chemicals hit the ground, and could have crept into the water supply.  If there was a woodshop on the property or neighborhood there are most likely solvents, heavy metals, and petrochemical residuals in spots. If there is an old, abandoned well on your property, ground water testing is critical, as the old habit was to dump “whatever” down the old well. If your home has tested high for radon levels, you need to have your water tested as well, as radon will penetrate the water column and then disperse as a gas through the release of hot water in tubs and showers. Some issues that arise from contaminated water supplies show up quickly, such as gastro-intestinal problems, but most are insidious and slow, building up in the system with potential to cause lung irritation, skin rashes, cancer, kidney disease, neurological disorders, cardiovascular problems, and even blue baby syndrome.

If there has been a natural disaster such as forest or range fire, new development, mining, or drilling, or if anyone in your home has a compromised immune system, it is even more important to have your water supply tested, whether a well or through a supplier. Many reports have shown that bottled water is not the cure-all it has been assumed, as most of it is bottled straight out of some tap. It is also expensive, and plastic water bottles cause a large amount of pollution, and due to bottling and storage practices, many brands test positive for bacteria. Let us give you some accurate information that is thorough with proper procedures done for handling and testing your water. Axios Home Inspections is locally owned and operated, and we want to keep all our friends and neighbors in the Colorado Springs area in safe, healthy water.  Call us or send in our contact form for a free quote, and let’s get started giving you peace of mind about your water. 

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