Sewer Scope Colorado Springs

Why You Need Scoping Sewer Lines Done When Buying a Home

No one wants to have to deal with sewer problems. They always seem to happen when company is coming for the holidays, it is a long weekend, or you had that money planned for a new snowboard and bindings. Sewer problems are frustrating and often costly, and not a job to repair yourself for the most part. Knowing the condition of your sewer line can make a big difference to the long-term health of your lines, home, yard, and overall health. Having a sewer scope done will not only tell you what the problem is, but if one if starting that you can take care of now at considerably less expense and trouble than if the line collapses or backs up into your home.  Getting a sewer scope done by Axios Home Inspections can save a lot of time and expense, as well as help sell your house. 

Taking a look at a sewer line is a task many people fail to realize needs done, as the lines once installed are pretty much out of sight, out of mind – until sewer gas starts seeping into your basement or your toilets back up. It might be that wet, sunken, green spot that appears in the middle of your yard all the sudden. A professional who is knowledgeable in both what they are seeing and what to look for in video feed or recordings does sewer scoping. The data is taken by a remote bore-snake camera on the end of a stiff line fed down into your sewer lines, usually through your cleanout. The view can spot broken pipes, settlement causing leaks, tree root jumbles that have developed and create problems, cracked pipes, separated joints, and the cause of your toilet backup and blockage. 

Experience Makes a Difference For Sewer Line Inspection

Knowing what you are seeing in sewer video is an art. It takes experience and knowledge to discern cracks, separations, slumps, sewer pipe “belly” due to settling of the pipe, and the general overall condition of the line that joins your house plumbing waste system to the septic tank, HOA tap, or municipal sewer system. If you are planning on purchasing (or selling) a home built before 1984 and the sewer lines have not been replaced, it is likely that your lines are clay pipe in the Colorado Springs area. Clay sewer line deteriorates and breaks down over time, and is highly subject to damage from compacting soil above it if not buried sufficiently due to line drop requirements for drainage.  People driving on your lawn can cause problems, as well as any kind of heavy equipment, earth moving, an overly wet year or irrigation fail, or seismic activity. Current issues with a sewer line may not be causing real time problems, but they will in the future. Sewer scoping is an investment in good, cheap preventive maintenance to save backing up sewage and dangerous sewer gas from seeping into your home.

Sewer scoping is not a regular part of a home inspection, and must be ordered separately. It is one of the most critical for a prospective homeowner to see the results about, though, due to the expense and long term potential for damage by a broken or malfunctioning sewer line. Many mortgage lenders now require a sewer scope as part of their home check off package to approve a mortgage, particularly if the home is 20 years or older.  A savvy home owner wishing to close without issues is wise to have a sewer scope done by a reputable, licensed company that can supply a thorough report and video if requested, as sewer lines can become a hang up in considerations negotiating selling price. This is especially important for older homes, as there is no such thing as cheap sewer line repair for a badly damaged system. If you think a home has concrete or clay sewer lines, it is imperative you get a thorough sewer scope done prior to closing on the home so you know exactly what faces you with the system.

Save Money and Problems with a Sewer Scope, Colorado Springs

Older clay and concrete sewer lines in the Colorado Springs region are especially susceptible to damage by freezing and thawing and ground movement, as well as deterioration due to elements in the soil. Any age line can have a problem if not installed far enough below ground or correctly for drain slope and underlayment. It takes about an hour to have a quality scoping completed, and if you are having other inspection work done, often a package price can be negotiated. If you want peace of mind and less repair issues in the future, call Axios Home Inspections for a sewer scope. We will provide a complete report after we analyze the video and let you know what we find, and will flag it above ground if possible. When you call us or send in our contact form, we will schedule a call and give you a free estimate for the work, as well as a timeline for completion. Locally owned and operated, Axios Home Inspection is dedicated to helping make your real estate transaction smooth, and your property less likely to experience expensive sewer issues in the future.

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