Why Do I Need a Mold Inspection Colorado Springs, as Dry as It is?

Many people wonder if mold inspection is really warranted in Colorado Springs. After all, we have such variable weather and it can be hot and dry in the summers, and the wind probably keeps things pretty dehumidified in the meantime. That sounds good at the beginning of the thinking process about weather in the south central region of this beautiful state, but Colorado does get some serious thunderstorms, windstorms, and winter snow and ice that all bring moisture. Moisture can invade a home in a number of ways, not just by wind lifting shingles or pushing through a crack in you stucco exterior. Remember when the toilet overflowed and got under the bathroom cabinet? Or the dishwasher got loaded with dish soap by mistake and all the base cabinets in the kitchen were standing in soap and water? Those and many more instances, including leaks behind walls, washing machine drains getting clogged with a sock, the bathtub running over when someone is having too good a time with the bath toys, all can lead to water damage. 

Moisture in drywall, in particular, is a big problem. Drywall by nature is baked in an oven to compress and dry out the gypsum pressed between papers. Neither does well when it gets wet, and it is nearly impossible to adequately dry out drywall once it gets invaded with moisture. The same goes for insulation blown or batted between studs with no air circulation, or the roll fiberglass in your attic that is catching the drip from the commuting rain.  When you see the suspect black webby, lacey areas in corners, crevices, on the back of areas that do not get air circulation, or where things tend to be exposed to moisture regularly, it is time to call Axios Home Inspection for a free mold inspection.

Mold Testing Colorado Springs Prevents Building and Health Issues

Moisture left unchecked can quickly grow mold and start to break down your building’s structure by degrading the materials that have been used in construction. Having your home inspected when you suspect mold growth is important, because black mold is toxic and can cause serious respiratory and other issues for the occupants, besides the damage to the walls, wood, grout, and other materials in a home.  Other places to check for potential mold development is around your air handler, usually in a small closet type area, or inside of linen closets, closets that contain winter gear, and other locations that do not have adequate circulation.

Mold usually is dark brown in appearance when active, black when dead or dying off.  Mold spores are opportunistic and will wait for the ideal conditions to grow. Once they have the right temperature and moisture content, they can have a healthy colony started in as little as 24 hours.  By the time you see black mold, where the mold has died off, your mold has already grown, reproduced, seeded spores throughout the area, and died. The next generation is usually significantly larger and healthier, and growing not only on the surface you see but sending mycelium, or roots, down into the material on which it is visible.  If you see grey or white, you are looking at mildew. Mildew is a spore event and can most often be treated with household chemicals effectively. Mold abatement, however, is much more challenging and the chemicals to treat it really need to be handled by a professional. Often your ducts also need to be checked for infestation, because your ventilation system pulls the spores into the system, depositing them throughout your house. Professional testing is the only way to know where you have mold that needs certified professional treatment is and can be dealt with, and you and your home are safe.

Honest Mold Inspection Colorado, Starts With State Certified Inspection

Due to the serious nature of mold infestation, the type of chemicals needed to treat it, and the care that must be taken in testing and following a thorough, scientifically based process to do so correctly, Colorado has a stringent accreditation process for certifying both mold inspection and treatment. Axios Home Inspection is a local home inspection company that has experienced technicians who are certified in the correct methods to do mold testing Colorado trust for accurate results. We offer free consultations and initial inspections to see if you actually have a mold challenge, and only if we find suspect evidence that requires testing will we suggest the testing be done. If you see brown fuzz, black webbing or other creepy looking things on your paint, drywall, wood, or elsewhere, call us or send in our contact form. One of our Axios professionals will get right with you to set up a convenient time to come with a trained eye to see if you have mold and if it needs remediation. We are based in Colorado Springs and service the entire south central plains and Rocky Mountain region, offering reasonable prices and great Colorado proud customer service. 

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