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Buying or selling a home is often the largest transaction a person has during their lifetime. It is both significant as it means a change in life, and stressful while you are going through it. Home sales are hot in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, and knowing what you are buying is more important than ever in such a competitive market. You need to make sure that the eagerness to be able to actually win a bid does not overshadow a major issue with a property that can cost you dearly in the future. Getting a thorough home inspection by a certified inspector is money in the bank and peace of mind to make sure that new castle really is worth what they are asking, and can help determine what you are willing to pay.

Most lenders require a certified home inspection when you are applying for financing on a property. They do this to assure that the money they are lending is backed by collateral – the home and property – worth the amount they are lending. Homeowners that get into trouble after buying a house often do so when faced with large, unexpected repair bills due to a bad roof, mold infestation, water damage that was undetected, or other serious concerns. Major repairs if left unaddressed often lead to even larger problems, making the financial burden even worse. It is prudent of both a buyer and a lender to ask for certified home inspections, so all parties know what the challenges are, if any exist.  When you need a home inspection in the Colorado Springs area, make sure to call Axios Home Inspection. We are licensed, insured and certified home inspectors with many years of experience. Our fees are reasonable and we have no agendas when we come to do your inspection. Our only purpose is creating the most thorough report of the condition of components of the property that is possible. 

Unbiased Home Inspection Colorado Springs CO

When hiring a home inspection company it is important to learn their qualifications, professional affiliations, and if they are certified. Colorado does not require special licensing for home inspectors, meaning that anyone can hang out a shingle and claim they know what they are doing. All Axios staff members are certified home inspectors who go through regular continuing education to stay up on issues and methods of providing even higher quality work for our customers. We are locally owned and operated in Colorado Springs, and have many happy clients who post five star reviews and will readily give us a great reference. 

One of the big differences with Axios is we do not try to sell you anything, we do not run affiliate programs, and we do not make commission for referring you to “X, Y, or Z” company for a high end job, such as getting your roof repaired.  Few home inspectors Colorado Springs, CO based can honestly say there is no other agenda when they walk your roof, check for damage to your garage floor, or visit your crawlspace. While we do offer a variety of inspections that may be needed on a property, such as radon or mold, sewer line scoping, asbestos testing and water quality tests, we only will discuss what is needed for a thorough and accurate assessment of the property we are inspecting.  If you do need additional testing to make sure your property is ready to sell, or you need to get a clear idea of what you are making an offer to buy, you want a complete idea of all the issues so the facts are available for consideration on the offer. 

What All Should Colorado Springs Home Inspectors Report?

Good Colorado Springs home inspections will take a look at all major components and structural elements of the property, as well as appliances that are continuous to the parcel. Plumbing, electrical, and water systems are gone through thoroughly, looking for leaks, valve located, areas that appear aged or damaged, or where there may be sewer or irrigation line issues. The HVAC system should be inspected, air temperatures checked, and to make certain blower fans and motors are all operating well. Appliances like water heaters, humidifiers, and whole house air purification should be inspected for function and condition. The walls, flooring, attic and insulation, roof, exterior cladding or covering, crawl spaces, fireplace and foundation are all inspected, with video documentation and a written report of findings. If ordered, radon testing, mold inspection, water quality tests, and testing for asbestos may also be warranted. All structural elements of the property that can be checked will be checked. This insures you that the home is sound, and you are not facing substantial expense in repairs you were not expecting when you make an offer on a home. It also let’s sellers know what needs repaired before listing a home so they can get top dollar, or potentially expect to have to negotiate when an offer is made on the property. 

Responsive, Reasonable Home Inspection Colorado Springs

Home inspections are often needed on a quick turn around, due to the time set aside in a real estate transaction for the due diligence period. This is the time that either the buyer or seller has the right to withdraw from the offer on the property. Most due diligence periods are seven days, sometimes as long as 14.  It is very important to stay within that period to legally protect your right to either go ahead with the purchase or sale of the property, or withdraw your offer. Axios Home Inspection prides itself as the home inspectors Colorado Springs calls when they need a complete, thorough, reasonably priced home inspection they know will be completed on time and ready to turn over to the real estate broker, lending institution, or property owner quickly. Call us or send in our contact for a free quote for the price of a home inspection you know will be done correctly, by certified staff. We want you to feel confident about the property you are dealing on, with no surprises. 

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