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 Talk about the value of doing a home inspection before you buy your house.

Getting a Home Inspection is Money Well Invested When Buying a Home

Looking for a home can be thrilling and frightening at the same item. A house is a big investment, and you probably have scraped and saved for the down payment. You know you can make the mortgage payment and the price range your intended home needs to be between to make everything work. When everything comes together, you have a great new home and can build equity, enjoying home ownership. When there are problems you have not anticipated, though, suddenly owning a home can become a nightmare of repairs and expense.  

One of the best investments you can make when getting serious about signing on the dotted line for a property is a thorough, professional home inspection. An experienced home inspector carefully goes through a property and documents and notes issues they find, condition, potential repairs needed, and what may become problems in the future.  This information is important so you know what you are getting into, and may well be mandatory for your lender so they are aware if the property has had full disclosure and is up to the condition for which they are lending valuation.  

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What All Do I Need to Have Done in for Home Inspection Colorado Springs?

Your home inspector will know everything that needs to be looked into, but certainly, if you have particular concerns with a property you are looking at, express that when meeting with our inspector. Axios Home Inspection has been providing thorough reports and peace of mind to prospective property buyers, lending institutions, and proactive homeowners for many years. We know that central air has some different potential challenges than a gas furnace alone. We will take a look in your attic, check the lines and conduit running through your joists in the basement ceiling, and check for moisture where it does not belong. Every structure has a story to tell, and part of that story is condition. We let you know what is there, what is not there, and what to expect that might be costly in the future. This provides you leverage in negotiations, and fewer unpleasant surprises after you sign on the dotted line.

An honest and ethical home inspector only reports what they see, exactly as they see it. We pride ourselves in supplying unbiased, accurate home inspections throughout the Colorado Springs – Pikes Peak region.  Our fees are reasonable, and we work hard to meet any schedule requirements you might have. Among the systems that an Axios trained inspector will check are the plumbing and electrical systems, HVAC system and components including stand alone gas furnaces and evaporative coolers if present, foundation condition and construction, windows and doors, exterior finish or cladding, the roof, attic, floors, basement, structural components, and a basic inspection of stonework, mortar condition, and fireplace. Home inspectors look for structural damage, remodeling or repairs that appear to cover an issue, and water damage.  We will take pictures and make thorough notes that will be condensed into a complete report which is then supplied to you, and the lender and/or real estate broker if requested.

Will A Home Inspection Cover Everything I Need to Know About a Property?

While a good home inspection will cover many things in the home, there are some specialized inspections that usually are not included in a standard home inspection. Depending on the situation, some of them might be available packaged with the home inspection, however. Among the specialized inspections that you may need to ask about are one for pests and vermin, a water quality test and/or well inspection, a roof wind load certificate if required by the mortgage lender, radon inspection, mold inspection, and a professional chimney and fireplace inspection if it seems warranted. Axios is certified to handle water testing as well as radon and mold inspections. Check with us for a combined rate to include those tests with our economical home inspection as a package when you are considering a property.  Depending on the terms for purchase, additional specialty inspections usually are the duty of the seller, but may be different depending on your circumstances. Ideally, both a buyer home inspection and seller home inspection will be done by a certified Colorado Springs home inspection company as a good cross reference to verify issues and potential challenges that may affect price negotiations during property purchase.

Due diligence when purchasing property is a good investment letting you have peace of mind and often saving money at the time of purchase or in the future. Knowing the condition of a property lets you plan ahead, budget, and negotiate effectively.  It is important when calling Axios to schedule your property inspection to let us know the time window for response on your purchase agreement. That way if we should find something serious, you have time to reconsider the property or negotiate the issues. Call us or send in our contact form for a free quote to get a quality home inspection done on the property you are considering. It is money well spent. Our fees are very reasonable, our inspectors highly experienced, and we are locally owned and operated. We want your property purchase to go off without a hitch, but we also want you to know exactly what you are buying. 

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