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Once the darling of building materials, asbestos went into many products that were used extensively during the last century in building construction of homes, plants, schools, and business buildings across the entire Colorado Springs region. Asbestos, a general catchall name for a variety of minerals with the same properties, was extremely strong and provided fire retarding capabilities and was relatively inexpensive. Its thermal insulation properties, as well as tolerance of chemicals made its fibrous microscopic bundles of hair-like particles ideal to add to insulation, acoustic tiles, flooring, roofing products, plasters and cement, adhesives, mastics, laboratory and fire fighting clothing, textured paint, packing materials, cement wallboard, vinyl and paper that could withstand higher temperatures – you name it and asbestos was most likely added during manufacture.  

Asbestos also is deadly. Researchers do not know how much is the threshold for asbestos exposure, which occurs when the asbestos containing material is disturbed, such as during remodeling, sanding and refinishing, demolition, or general aging and flaking. It is known that the effects of asbestos exposure are long term, and much more life threatening if you smoke or get second hand smoke. Asbestos has been directly linked to lung and abdominal cancer, as well as asbestosis and mesothelioma, both destructive pulmonary diseases. The time it takes for asbestos exposure to appear as a problem ranges from 15-50 years, and once it is breathed in, its lodges in your tissue and never leaves.

Qualified, Responsible Asbestos Testing Colorado Licensed and Insured

Many people think they are safe in a newer home or building as they are under the impression that asbestos was fully banned from building materials, and had to be abated in those that contained products containing the mineral.  Sadly, this is not true. Asbestos was banned from all products in 1989 by the Environmental Protection Agency. That is true, but it did not last long, and was also found very impractical. The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated nearly all the ban except for six products in 1991, and import of all products is still legal. Early on, older buildings had to have asbestos testing done and abatement often cost more than the building’s valuation, causing many issues especially in commercial structures around Colorado Springs. Since asbestos is still mined around the world and regularly imported and added to products, you need to exercise caution any time you run into any material during a remodel, renovation, or other structural disturbance where you suspect asbestos is present.  

Colorado has stringent certification standards for asbestos testing. Axios Home Inspection is in full compliance with State of Colorado regulations and licensing, and all our technicians are highly trained. When we test for asbestos, small samples are taken with utmost care to not abrade or disturb the area. We make every effort to control and eliminate floating particles and dust during the process. Since we know that finding asbestos often interrupts a busy remodeling or construction schedule, or you need to provide proof of presence of asbestos or not during a property transfer, we try to have all results back within one working day.

We Do Find Asbestos, Colorado Springs – And You Need to Know About It

Asbestos is still found with regularity in homes and other structures around the entire Colorado Springs region. Since it had such high tensile strength, and was a good insulator for electricity and fire, it was used in a wide variety of ACM – asbestos containing materials for many years.  If the ACM is in good condition and undisturbed, there is little danger. When it is damaged, disturbed, or starts to break down, asbestos needs to be addressed. As a consumer, it is important you ask to see the MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet for compounds, mastics, adhesives, texture, and other items you will be working with during projects. The EPA does not track manufacturing, processing, and distribution or formally ban any asbestos products in the United States at this time.  

Another compound we often find when testing for asbestos is lead. Lead was added to paint and coating materials for many years, and has been found to be toxic to humans and especially detrimental to children. Federal and state regulatory standards have helped to reduce the amount of lead in air, drinking water, soil, consumer products, food, and occupational settings.  We suggest when you are looking at a home, especially an older one, to have both asbestos and lead tested for by Axios Home Inspection. We are locally owned and operated, and we care about the health of our neighbors here in the Colorado Springs – south central area. Call us for a free quote, or send in our contact form, and we will set up a time to come look at your property and advise if we think asbestos testing in Colorado or lead testing is needed. Your family’s long term health is important, and properly handled, both asbestos and lead can be treated, abated, or removed to everyone’s safety. 

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