As a homeowner, there are times when you feel like the chores at home are endless. That is true since owning a house does not end with purchasing and living in it. 


For your house to stay healthy, liveable, and looking great for a long time, you need regular maintenance. While sewer scope inspection is not necessarily part of your household maintenance list, there are certain times when you will need it. 


In this blog, we will discuss the clear indication that your property is in need of sewer scope inspection. Knowing how to check these signs will help you determine when you have Home Inspection Colorado Springs


Sewer Scope Inspection Defined


A highly specialized, versatile calibration camera that sustains images and video on a screen will be operated by a trained, qualified inspector.


To check the sewage pipes and other perforated pipes for any defects, deformations, or serious issues, this camera is then passed through the drainpipe of your home.


A sewer scope inspection generally only requires a few minutes to complete, particularly if the Sewer Scope Inspection Near Me that you saw when you searched for one is licensed, trained, and experienced. 


You must be mindful of the possible risk if you don’t have regular sewer inspections done. You can prevent serious structural failure, foundation issues, and health risks linked to sewage pipe issues by getting regular inspections.


Clear Indications Your House Needs Sewer Scope Inspection 


Among the most expensive things to fix in a house is the sewer line. You can save money on repairs by getting a sewer scope inspection before serious sewer or septic system problems arise.


But if you do it without checking if you actually need one, you will be spending on unnecessary inspections. To help you avoid wasting money and time, here are clear indications your house needs a sewer line inspection. 


Foul Odor Around The House 


If you smell sewer gas in your restrooms or other areas in your house, your sewer lines may not be ventilating properly. As a result, one of the most frequent and obvious indicators that it’s time for a sewer line inspection is the presence of gas or bad odors coming from your sinks and toilets.


The smell of sewage can be bothersome and challenging to cover up. No amount of air deodorizers will eliminate the sewage smell. Thus, the moment you smell sewage odor around the house, do not hesitate to contact the sewage inspection near you. 


Clogged Drains and Low Water Levels 


If your home’s drainage system is running slowly, there may be a problem further into the sewage system and drainage system. A clog or blockage in the major sewer line is the main contributor to multiple clogged drains around the house. You might consequently encounter issues like sluggish drains or sewage water seeping into your toilet bowl, bath, or tub.


Moreover, sewer line blockages frequently cause low water levels. Your lines should be examined to determine the precise cause if your water is low one moment and high the next. This is called water fluctuation. These are signs of potentially more serious damage.


Water Damage Around The House 


When you notice mold spores growing in various areas of your house, that’s another obvious indication that you need to call experts for a sewer camera inspection. Molds indicate that there is moisture and leakage throughout the house.


Additionally, the walls and foundation of your house may show signs of water damage. Your home might become unsafe to live in if water damage compromises its structural soundness.


Sewage Scope Inspection Cost 


Sewage scope inspections typically cost between $125 and $300.


The total cost of the inspection is dependent on the following aspects:


  1. the location where it is carried out
  2. the specific details of the house
  3. the sewage inspector you will hire  
  4. several other factors
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