All You Need to Know About Water Quality Testing During Home Inspections

Water quality testing is an important part of a comprehensive home inspection. It can help identify health hazards in your drinking water, which can affect the safety and value of a home. Knowing what to expect during a water quality test can help you ensure you get the most accurate results possible. Look at what’s […]

Clear Indications Your House Needs Sewer Scope Inspection

As a homeowner, there are times when you feel like the chores at home are endless. That is true since owning a house does not end with purchasing and living in it.    For your house to stay healthy, liveable, and looking great for a long time, you need regular maintenance. While sewer scope inspection […]

Sewer Scope: The Risks Of Uninspected Sewer Scope

A few years ago, people would have had to get their sewers dug out to see what was going on inside of them. Now, however, you can do it as minimally invasively as you can through a sewer scope inspection..   Sewer scope inspections include the use of a camera on the end of a […]

Radon Testing: DIY Radon Mitigation Method

Calling for radon testing Colorado Springs services is always a good idea; in fact, no matter where you live, you should test your home for radon. Homes with high radon levels have been found all over the country. Houses with dangerously high radon levels can be found in every state.   Radon is a radioactive […]

Water Quality Testing: An Introduction

Water quality testing is important for many reasons. It can help you determine if your water is safe to drink, identify potential contaminants, and assess the overall quality of your water supply. There are many types of water quality tests, each with a specific purpose. This blog post will give you a brief overview of […]

Why Home Inspectors Recommend a Sewer Scope Inspection

The main job of a home inspector is to identify any potential problems with a property, from water damage to foundational issues. One issue that often falls under the radar is the sewer system. While many homeowners are familiar with common signs that there may be a problem with their sewer line (like sewage backups […]

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